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Is Personal Training Right for Geriatric Populations?

Monday, October 19th, 2015

As baby boomers are getting older, there is an increased demand for this population to stay healthy. One way to do that is by hiring a personal trainer to help maintain independence, body function, and overall health. The goal of training is no longer motivated by how much weight a client can lift or if they have 6 pack abs; instead it shifts to posture, endurance, balance, and flexibility training.

In this population, one of the major risk factors is falling. By being proactive with training, one can improve the common muscle groups that increase fall risks. For example, many older people slouch which shifts the center of balance. Also, as you age, the ankle joint become stiff and leads to shuffling while walking. By improving these areas we can help clients move better and be more confident getting around.
Another area of concern is bone density. As we age, bone density is something that also decreases.

By adding strength training we can help to maintain a healthy bone density. Strength training for older adults is much different than for younger populations. Instead of focusing on how much weight you can lift, we shift towards exercises that mimic daily activities such as carrying groceries, lifting grandchildren, and getting out of a chair. These are things that will help to maintain independence going forward.

The biggest and most important reason to invest in fitness training for older adults is to maintain independence. Whether it’s maintaining a home, or going on dream vacations, everyone wants to be able to spend their retirement doing things they want to do. Staying fit is paramount in being able to enjoy your life well into your older years. At Chicago Family Fit we have had numerous clients take the dream vacation they never thought they could have handled before training.

Beach Exercise

Does Losing Weight Mean You Are Fit?

Monday, August 4th, 2014

By Jon Kahney, MS, CSCS

If you went to the doctor with an ailment, you would expect the doctor to find a cure. The doctor would look at your symptoms and eventually, after several tests, pinpoint the cause of your ailment and suggest a course for treatment. A good trainer will follow a similar process and help you eliminate the causes of your ailments. Unfortunately when it comes to fitness in the United States, we tend to treat the symptoms rather than the cause of being overweight. Making weight loss a goal instead of a byproduct of exercise is doing just that, treating the symptoms, instead of finding a cure.

People come from all walks of life, but all usually have one thing in common, they sit too much. Sitting too much is the cause of a chain reaction in the body that leads to poor posture, eventually leading to chronic joint pain in the knees, hips, lower back, and neck. As the chain reaction continues and the person finds mobility difficult, even painful. Lack of movement tends to lead to weight gain. Therefore weight gain is only a symptom.

If you only focus on weight loss as your primary goal, you might be setting yourself up for failure and leaving the door open for further pain and even injury.

At Chicago Family Fit, if we only provided you programs that focus on weight loss, rather than treating its cause, we would be doing you a disservice. Instead we focus on more important goals like getting you to look, move, and feel your very best. We focus on programs that give you proper structural integrity, get you to move pain free, and let you capably perform the daily tasks within your lifestyle. Weight loss is considered a byproduct of exercise.

Here is a portion of a testimonial from a current Chicago Family Fit client that truly illustrates our mission for you:

“When I started training with Jon, I had already lost about 30 pounds, but I was not in great shape. My balance was poor, my strength had declined and my flexibility was strained. My knees and hips were painful. I had difficulty ascending and descending stairs. Walking was causing me some knee pain as well. When Jon had me try to do balance exercises, he would set me up near a wall because I couldn’t keep my balance. My flexibility, especially in my shoulders and hips was lacking. I started seeing Jon twice a week and gradually increased my training to four times a week. My balance has improved, I am much stronger and my flexibility and endurance have increased significantly. In addition, I have started losing weight again. I now walk without pain and I can climb and descend steps without holding on to hand rails with no pain in my knees and hips. I am able to walk four to five miles at a time.” “I consider Jon a trainer, a mentor and a friend and a crucial part of my health improvement over the past years. I have now lost 45 pounds and I am able to do things that I never imagined that I would be able to do. Jon is a positive influence, encouraging me to try more difficult exercises and discouraging any negative “self-talk”. I am losing weight, becoming stronger and managing my health issues, and I appreciate his help immensely. “ -Sharon

Our goal is to help you live a pain free life of enjoyment, capable of doing whatever you choose to do. Stop focusing on the scale and start focusing on becoming the best you can be.

To find out more about Chicago Family Fit, call us at 773-706-8705 or email us chicagofamilyfit (at)

Take Your Shirt on Vacation and Win!

Monday, July 7th, 2014

All you have to do is take a picture of yourself or a family member wearing your Chicago Family Fit shirt on vacation or around town. If you can capture an active pose you get bonus points!

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World Cup (Hey look at all of those fit soccer players)

Monday, June 30th, 2014

Are you at home watching the world cup? Have you been thinking to yourself, look at all of those fit player run around?

Well, if you couldn’t figure this out already, soccer is a great form of exercise. It’s a great display of balance, flexibility, endurance and strength.
Many of us played soccer when we were kids at the local park district, at recess or just in the backyard. Most of us never imagined we grow up to be soccer stars (Maybe football, baseball, basketball stars), but we certainly wish we were as athletic as the soccer stars are now.

Even if soccer isn’t your sport, it’s still pretty popular around the world, here are a few statistics:

Did you know that the World Cup is the most watched sporting event in the world? The most watched sporting event in the world is football (European Football).

To give you an idea of how popular football is, the 2006 world cup final drew 716 million viewers. While the whole tournament attracted 30+ billion non-unique viewers.

As for recurring events, 600 million households watch the English Premier League (football) a week.

This past week in Chicago, more than 20,000 fans filled Grant Park to watch the American Team compete against Portugal.

Okay, as fun as soccer is to watch on TV, it’s even more fun to play. If your kids play soccer, join them for a few minutes and get some exercise in of your own. Or perhaps you could plan a game of your own and grab some friends and head out to a large open field. You don’t even need goals; just bring some cones or markers for goals. Soccer is a good form of exercise, because it’s a game and you don’t always realize what a great workout you are getting.

So next time you’re looking to break-up your exercise routine, try out a game o f soccer (or football as they call it!).

Also, Go USA!!!!

Color Me Rad?

Monday, May 27th, 2013

What are some elements of a great workout?

We’d say that we’d like to the workout to be fun, engaging, challenging and something done with the support of others.

We’ll we’ve found something for you all that looks like it would make a great workout. It’s a good old fashioned foot race, with a splash of color. In the slew of fun fitness races happening in Chicago this summer, we’ve found the most rad of them all. The race is called: Color Me Rad 5k. It’s 3.1 miles of fun, color and art. You can get a detailed description of the event here:

We here at Chicago Family Fit love many things fitness related, including great races like the Color Me Rad 5K, that’s why we took the time out of our day to tell you about it. If you’re interested in running tips, or want to get started in a running routine, stop by or call the gym to learn more about how we can help you achieve your running goals. The great things about training for a run is that you get all of the benefits attached to the training and the run itself. Running is a great cardio addition to your gym workout routine.

We’re so excited about this race, we’re giving away two race entries to the event to anyone who checks-in on Facebook ( while at the gym. The more times you check in, the more chances you have to win entry to the race. Have any questions about this, come see us at the gym!