American Heart Month

Wondering what to get your loved on this Valentine’s Day? We of course know the best gift. It’s the gift of heart health. February has all of our hearts because it is American Heart Month, a great time to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle and how to make changes in the way that you like so that you can have a lifetime with a healthy heart.

Here are some small changes that you can make. These changes, although small can make a big difference:

Schedule a visit with your doctor. Use this visit to not only get a general check-up but to talk about heart health.Keep in mind that it is important to schedule regular check-ups. It is good to keep on top of your health, don’t just visit when you are sick.

You’re not in this alone! Partner up with your doctor to set achievable goals for improving your heart health. When working together, make sure to ask questions and trust their advice, they are looking out for you.

We can help with this next tip…Add exercise to your daily routine. Do something small like starting off the month by walking 15 minutes, 3 times each week. By mid-month, increase your time to 30 minutes, 3 times each week.

The next thing you cam do is try do is eat healthy! Start by cooking heart-healthy meals at home. You should aim to do this at-least 3 times each week. Also when you can, try to make your favorite recipe lower sodium. For example, swap out salt for fresh or dried herbs and spices.

Always remember: Take medication as prescribed. Talk with your doctor about the importance of high blood pressure and cholesterol medications. Keeping things in balance can help you from a health related disaster. For more information please consult you doctor.

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