Tips on Healthy Holiday Eating

When we eat during the holiday seasons, our observances and gatherings often involve foods that are high in calories, fat and sugars
A common statistic out there is that, over the holidays, the average american gains close to 5 pounds between the Thanksgiving Holiday and the New Year. Many people feel that \losing weight during the holiday season is too difficult, therefore we suggest that you strive to maintain your current weight.

Here are some tips to help you along the way:
Avoid: high-fat fast food when days become hectic
Instead: Pre-plan several quick, healthy meals
Avoid: Large portions of high-fat holiday foods
Instead: Choose  choose small portions of high-fat holiday foods

Center your festivities around entertainment and other non-food events, Focus on friends at holiday gathering; not food
Have a healthy snack before a big gathering to edge off hunger, this will make you less inclined to make bad food choices
Make an effort to continue a regular exercise program. If you can’t do this, just aim for a walk everyday, or some kind of activity.

Foods to help get you through the season:
Dairy Products
Use skim milk or low fat product in recipes
Look for low fat cheeses and cheese products
Meat Products
Choose leaner cuts of meat
Choose breast meat rather than darker meats
Trim visible fat off meat
Prepare meats by broiling, stewing or baking (avoid fried foods)
Make gravy from low fat broth rather than drippings from meat
If you must use drippings let drippings get cold then spoon off fat that forms at top
Contain little or no fat
It is what we add to them that increase fat content
Don’t smother vegetables in thick creamy sauces or butter
Angel food cake contain little or no fat
Make pies with evaporated skim milk when you can
Have smaller portions of your favorite high fat or calorie dessert
Choose low fat egg nog
Alcoholic beverages can lead to overeating, have a pre-determined limit
Try to drink one glass of water before each glass of an alcoholic beverages

Some final thoughts:
Choose low fat or reduced calorie items in recipes
Try to balance the need to eat everything on your plate, rather select those seasonal treats that you don’t have all year
Try to continue to exercise regularly during the holidays even if sessions are shorter
Enjoy family and friends instead of food!
Happy Holidays from your family at Chicago Family Fit

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