Exercise: The Wonder Drug

We here at Chicago Family Fit are firm believers in exercise as a cure for many things. There is no magic pill to swallow to cure many ailments, and of course there is no magic weight loss pill. We came across this interesting article and learned a few things.

Here is the article: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/21/upshot/why-you-should-exercise-no-not-to-lose-weight.html?partner=538&_r=0

And here is what we read, that we wanted to share:

1. “After the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges wrote its report, an editorial in the BMJ, a prominent medical journal, countered that exercise wasn’t a “miracle cure.” Instead, the authors argued it was “the best buy for public health.” If that’s the best “counterpoint,” then physical activity seems like a no-brainer.”

2. “The recommendations for exercise are 150 minutes per week of moderate intensity physical activity for adults, or about 30 minutes each weekday.”

3. “For people (mostly middle-aged men) who had had a heart attack, exercise therapy reduced all causes of mortality by 27 percent and cardiac mortality by 31 percent.”

4. “Doctors and clinics that made efforts to promote exercise to patients needed to engage 12 adults on the subject to get one additional adult to meet recommended levels of activity one year later. That might not sound impressive, but it’s one of the better such results.”

Although diet is key in weight loss, exercise is key in staying healthy overall. We hope you enjoyed the read and the article find.

As always, stay healthy and enjoy life..

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