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World Cup (Hey look at all of those fit soccer players)

Monday, June 30th, 2014

Are you at home watching the world cup? Have you been thinking to yourself, look at all of those fit player run around?

Well, if you couldn’t figure this out already, soccer is a great form of exercise. It’s a great display of balance, flexibility, endurance and strength.
Many of us played soccer when we were kids at the local park district, at recess or just in the backyard. Most of us never imagined we grow up to be soccer stars (Maybe football, baseball, basketball stars), but we certainly wish we were as athletic as the soccer stars are now.

Even if soccer isn’t your sport, it’s still pretty popular around the world, here are a few statistics:

Did you know that the World Cup is the most watched sporting event in the world? The most watched sporting event in the world is football (European Football).

To give you an idea of how popular football is, the 2006 world cup final drew 716 million viewers. While the whole tournament attracted 30+ billion non-unique viewers.

As for recurring events, 600 million households watch the English Premier League (football) a week.

This past week in Chicago, more than 20,000 fans filled Grant Park to watch the American Team compete against Portugal.

Okay, as fun as soccer is to watch on TV, it’s even more fun to play. If your kids play soccer, join them for a few minutes and get some exercise in of your own. Or perhaps you could plan a game of your own and grab some friends and head out to a large open field. You don’t even need goals; just bring some cones or markers for goals. Soccer is a good form of exercise, because it’s a game and you don’t always realize what a great workout you are getting.

So next time you’re looking to break-up your exercise routine, try out a game o f soccer (or football as they call it!).

Also, Go USA!!!!