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Parent Free Friday, A Great Chicago Family Fit Program

Monday, April 28th, 2014

By Jon Kahney, MS, CSCS, IYCA-Youth Fitness Specialist

As you might already know, Parent Free Friday is a program we run once a month at Chicago Family Fit. The purpose of this program is to teach kids the importance of personal fitness, the value of nutrition, and properly taking care of themselves. It also gives parents a chance to have a night out on their own to recharge their batteries.

This past Friday we had another great group of kids join us. We had quick workout followed by a field trip to our local Jewel-Osco.

We toured the Jewel and learned how to read nutrition labels and how to determine whether or not a product is “healthy” regardless of the product’s marketing. We learned that healthy products are natural and unprocessed. They don’t come in a box. They come from the ground, from trees, and from lakes and the ocean. Good sugar comes from fruits and vegetables.

The kids learned that their bodies are like Ferraris and that you want your body to perform at its best at all times. Eating high amounts of sugar is like putting subpar fuel into your Ferrari; it may perform well for a short burst of time, but will eventually sputter and crash.

Although there were several products we looked at, one in particular opened up some eyes. Vitamin Water. It sounds healthy, but when you actually read the label it’s loaded with sugar. It’s basically the equivalent of a can of Coke with some vitamins added to make it sound healthy. Buyer beware! An educated consumer has the best chance of making solid nutrition decisions. Next time you visit the grocery store, ask your child to help you in making choices for your family.

As we were touring Jewel and comparing products, a clerk named Orest overheard our discussions. We were pleasantly surprised when several minutes later he arrived with gift cards for each of the kids that entitle them to one complimentary apple or banana each time they shop at Jewel for the rest of the year. Thanks to Orest and the Park Ridge Jewel for supporting our efforts in creating healthy, educated kids!

We ended our trip with an A to Z Fruit and Vegetable Scavenger Hunt. The purpose was to expose each kid to new fruits and vegetables that they may want to try some day. Even I was surprised when a couple of our kids stumbled onto Horned Melons. I’ve never seen them before and don’t know how to prepare and serve them.

If anyone can create or find a recipe involving Horned Melons and get it to me, it’s good for a complimentary training session with me at Chicago Family Fit for your entire family.

*Please note that our next Parent Free Friday will be on May 23, 2014 from 7-10 pm. I look forward to seeing all our great Chicago Family Fit kids there.

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3 Reasons Why Fitness Professionals Have the Best Job!

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014


By: Kyle Zelazny, Owner of Chicago Family Fit


  1. We have jobs/careers that we are truly passionate about. No clocking in/out here, we have the opportunity to help someone reach a new goal that they did not think was possible…And it’s just not about helping people lose weight, I’m talking about really helping them, helping them get through their day easier because they have more endurance, helping to solve a joint problem that has plagued them for years, or just being someone to talk to.
  2. We are up moving around all day! Instead of being stuck in an office and staring at a computer, sitting, oh, and did I mention, staring at a computer! No, not us, we are up on our feet, moving around and staying active.  We don’t worry about the constant headaches, stiff neck, and slouchy posture from sitting at a desk or traveling all over in a car or plane.
  3. The opportunity to meet the coolest people.  From Doctors to lawyers, teachers, kids, seniors, and stay at home moms, everyone needs us!  Unlike most jobs where everyone is doing similar tasks or working in the same department, we have variety and unique people that seek our expertise. The cool thing about exercise is that everyone can and should do it.  In addition to being fortunate enough to have a lot of long-term clients, I have developed awesome relationships and friendships. I even attended one clients wedding after she lost over 50lbs. It was an awesome experience to see that, knowing all the hard work that she put into it.

Overall, I have been very fortunate to find a career path that I not only enjoy, but get to make a difference on a daily basis. It’s a truly rewarding experience that I am fortunate to have.  Thanks to everyone that supports us at Chicago Family Fit to make it happen!