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A Healthy Vacation is a Fun Vacation

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

By: Kendra Thornton

Being a health-conscious mom isn’t always easy. It takes enough work to make sure my kids eat healthy foods and get plenty of exercise while they’re at home. You can imagine, then, how much effort it takes to maintain these habits while we’re traveling. Fortunately, I’ve managed to come up with a number of secrets over the years to make it work, and I’d like to let you in on them.

Practice Moderation

When you’re on vacation, you’re likely to be repeatedly confronted with buffets. These smorgasbords are famous for their decadent fare and constant availability. Relax. It’s perfectly okay to indulge a little, but it’s essential to moderate yourself. Limit yourself to one plate-full, and be sure to choose plenty of healthy foods, too. If you do go overboard, you can make up for it by making your next meal a lighter one.

Eat Local

More locally supplied restaurants are popping up all over, so the next time you’re on vacation, consider eating at one. The less time food spends in transit, the more it maintains its nutritional value. Furthermore, these eateries typically cater to people looking for healthier options, like dishes that use a lot of fresh, local produce.

Healthy Accommodations

People are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of their health, and even the hospitality industry is starting to take notice. After all, you shouldn’t have to neglect your diet and fitness just because you’re on vacation. When you arrive at your hotel, reject the key to the minibar. The only things that await you there are high prices and empty calories. Buy your own healthy snacks and drinks instead. You should also ask the hotel what they offer for physical activity. Most hotels at least have a swimming pool, but some others have gyms, walking trails and tennis courts. This is important for convenience purposes and is something I considered for our upcoming trip to Orlando. There are so many hotels in Orlando and sites like Gogobot can help you in finding the right hotel.

Get Your H2O On

Your body needs water in order to function properly. When traveling, it’s easy to forget to drink enough water, particularly if abundant sun exposure is involved. This can result in issues ranging from low energy and light-headedness to heatstroke and electrolyte imbalance. Be sure to keep an ample supply of water within easy reach at all times. When it’s readily available, you’re more likely to stay adequately hydrated.

Routines are important, especially the ones that govern your health. That’s why I make an effort to keep my kids in the habit of choosing healthy foods and staying active. This also extends to our family vacations, because healthy habits at home are just as useful during travel.