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Workout music, why it’s so important for your actual workout

Monday, August 19th, 2013

In the case of music and its affect on your workout, we’re talking about self-paced exercises. In general music can list ones spirits, create a distraction from the world, and it can even help get us motivated. For the post, were’ going to talk about the last part. We read an interesting article over at the BBC, you can find it here:

The article talks about the benefits of music in self-paced exercise. This mean that we are talking about exercising where one decides when to act, as well as how to act. Examples of this are biking, swimming or running, Examples of un-paced exercises are sports like karate or basketball.

The basis of the article is that “music helps us perform by taking over a vital piece of the task of moving, the rhythm travels in through our ears and down our auditory pathways to the supplementary motor area. There it joins forces with brain activity that is signalling when to move, helping us to keep pace by providing an external timing signal.”

Here is that concept in is simpler version: Music not only helps us start our period of exercise, but it also helps to keep us going until we reach our goal or finish. We encourage to take a further read, and of course, rock on!