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Tips for Improving Running Mechanics in Order to Run More Efficient

Monday, June 24th, 2013

For all of you runners out there, we have some advice on how to do things right. Running is a great compliment to a gym training routine.

Here are some general tips that can help improve running:


Knees should be flexed at about 90 degrees. Hips should be under the trunk. Stay on balls of feet. Cycle legs (paw the ground) and try to make as little noise as possible while running -> Stay light on feet.


There should be a bend, about 90 degrees, at the elbow. Arm swing should come from the shoulder. Hands should come up to the eyes and down to the hips (eye socket, hip pocket).

Trunk and Head

The torso should be upright, as if sitting tall in a chair. Head should also be up right and looking straight ahead. The head should be still and the face should be relaxed.


Breathing should be easy, relaxed and comfortable. Most long distance runners breathe in through their nose and out through their mouth.

*** It is important to keep in mind that there are short distance runner (sprinters) and long distance runners. Some mechanics are different between both types of runners. Arm swing does not really matter as much in long distance running. Long distance runners also tend to run more flat footed since they are running for extended periods of time.

Warm Up

Warm ups and stretching are important in preventing injury as well as getting your body ready to exercise to the best of its ability. Most people warm up in different ways, but here are some basic warm ups:

– Jogging

– A Skip

– B Skip

– High Knees

Stretching – *Stretching should not be held longer than 10 seconds at a time.

– Hurdle Stretch

– Arm across Chest

– Butterfly

– Knee Hugs


Continue warm up until warm or until light sweat is occurring


Cool Down – *Stretches should be held for over 10 seconds

– Slow jog for about 5 to 15 minutes.


For questions about this or any exercise routine, come see us at Chicago Family Fit. A special thanks to our intern Gabe Nash for working on this blog post. Gabe is an avid runner and happy to share more tips with all of you!

Subway, not always the healthy choice?

Monday, June 17th, 2013


Subway is a great fast food restaurant.  They have many healthy menu options and have long been ahead of their competition in championing health and wellness in America. That is why this one kind of stings. As Subway has grown over the years, so has their menu, and so has American’s waistlines. This means it has begun offering not so healthy menu options. It’s not all bad news, but it’s certainly eye opening. This latest news comes on the release of a study done by UCLA which basically shows that when left up to pure choice, teens will choose meals at Subway that are just as unhealthy as the ones you can get a McDonald’s. While the study is a recent development,  this has been something that has been evident for a while. When subway began selling sandwiches like the Big Philly Cheese Steak or Chipotle Steak and Cheese Melt with Avocado or the  Chick Bacon and Ranch Melt, it’s hard not to see the unhealthiness. The studies results of nutrition intake are spelled out below. Take a look for yourself:

Subway Vs McDonalds


Subway addressed concerns that arose by the publishing of the study by releasing this statement:

Subway Global Dietitian Lanette Kovachi, MS, RD, responded with the following statement: “Regarding the 2011 UCLA study of 87 young adults, we want to clarify a few things. As long time leaders in offering customers healthier options, Subway restaurants has always provided customers nutritional information on all of our menu offerings along with a wide array of great-tasting, low-fat and low-calorie subs and salads. We stand behind our nutritional offerings and continue to make advancements to our menu that meet the evolving tastes of our customers.”

Keep in mind that any restaurant you visit will have healthy choices and not so healthy choices. You might be tempted by the not so healthy choices. The reason we brought this up today is to help address “fake healthy food”, which is food that is advertised to you as healthy, but not always as healthy as you may think. It is important to recognize this food, and steer clear of it. When ordering food out remember to have everything in moderation, and make smart well informed choices (and it never hurts to forgo cheese on your sandwich/meal). If you have questions don’t be afraid to consult nutrition information on the website of the food  establishment you will be going to visit, if it is available.