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Color Me Rad?

Monday, May 27th, 2013

What are some elements of a great workout?

We’d say that we’d like to the workout to be fun, engaging, challenging and something done with the support of others.

We’ll we’ve found something for you all that looks like it would make a great workout. It’s a good old fashioned foot race, with a splash of color. In the slew of fun fitness races happening in Chicago this summer, we’ve found the most rad of them all. The race is called: Color Me Rad 5k. It’s 3.1 miles of fun, color and art. You can get a detailed description of the event here:

We here at Chicago Family Fit love many things fitness related, including great races like the Color Me Rad 5K, that’s why we took the time out of our day to tell you about it. If you’re interested in running tips, or want to get started in a running routine, stop by or call the gym to learn more about how we can help you achieve your running goals. The great things about training for a run is that you get all of the benefits attached to the training and the run itself. Running is a great cardio addition to your gym workout routine.

We’re so excited about this race, we’re giving away two race entries to the event to anyone who checks-in on Facebook ( while at the gym. The more times you check in, the more chances you have to win entry to the race. Have any questions about this, come see us at the gym!

Skechers Shape-ups Found Guilty

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

That’s right folks, you heard us right. All of those advertising campaigns that claimed that these magical shoes could help people lose weight and strengthen muscles were false. Today, May 13, 2013 a federal judge settled a class action lawsuit against Skechers for 40 million dollars.

We’re not here today to talk about the shoes. If you want to read our review, you can check them out here:

We’re here today to remind all of you, that there is no quick fix to weight loss and strength training. There is no substitute for exercise, a good day at the gym, and a visit with your personal trainer (of course!). It is important to examine the products you buy, and remember that companies can make anything sound healthy (remember when they used to tout the benefits of cigarettes?).

So let this lawsuit and settlement be a lesson to us all. Buy a solid pair of shoes, not ones that promise the impossible, and don’t forget that the best solution to losing weight and getting stronger is a good diet and exercise routine. Now that’s a proven fact.