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Spring Cleaning! A good way to get the family moving.

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Cleaning any day of the week, is a good exercise. You use muscles, stretch, lift and work up a sweat. Well, spring is just around the corner, and spring cleaning is always a good idea. Having a clean home, help keeps your life in balance. A balanced life is important. Here is a few tips from us to help you get moving and get cleaning.

  1. Get the whole family involved. Many hands make light work. Instead of having the kids sit down and watch TV, have them help do age appropriate cleaning tasks. This will get them active, and it will make the tasks more fun.
  2. Make sure you’ve properly prepared to clean. There is no need to get injured while cleaning. If you’re on the shorter side, make sure to have a good step ladder close by to keep yourself from straining while reaching.
  3. Make sure you’re properly hydrated while cleaning. Believe it or not, cleaning is exercise, and it is always important to drink fluids while exercising.
  4. Lastly, have fun! If you’re looking at cleaning like too much of a chore, then it won’t be something that you’re doing with great conviction. If you involve the family as we suggested in item 1, then you are bound to have fun. Cleaning is a great way to keep active during the weekend while you are at home

Variety, the spice of your exercise routine.

Monday, February 25th, 2013

We’re going to revisit and old topic that we covered a few years back. But it’s an important one. A well rounded training program has variety! We get stuck in exercise routines that can leave us not only bored, but can also lead to injuries. If you go into any gym most of the time there are a lot of people doing bench presses, biceps curls, and abdominal exercises. Over time, this can lead to poor posture, rounded shoulders, and a variety of other injuries. In order to see the best results, make sure to vary your, try some of these suggestions:

  • Try swimming once per week. Swimming is a great low impact exercise
  • Join a yoga class to improve flexibility and posture. Yoga can also help you relax and de-stress.
  • Play basketball or a recreational sport like volleyball, softball, or flag football. Your local park district can be a great resource for this.
  • Try a martial arts class. It can help improve your focus, concentration and stamina.

To keep active, and to keep your body happy, it is important to keep your body guessing. You can do this by changing up your exercise routine. This will help you and improve athleticism and body function by giving it a variety of stimulus. All of this will lead to a body that is not as prone to injuries, healthier/better looking in the mirror!