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Outdoor Workouts for the Whole Family

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

With the recent change in weather, and temperatures in the 80’s, it’s time to do some outdoor workouts. Unlike training inside the gym, outdoor training typically has more space and flexibility than training indoors.  It’s also free and can involve the whole family! Instead of doing typical exercises like running around the neighborhood or riding your bike, here are some interactive ideas for all ages.

  • Ball Sports-In addition to having fun, sports work agility, reaction, and vision training.  30 or 40 minutes of playing catch or basketball will also go by a lot faster than running on the treadmill. Make sure to emphasize fun and activity, not necessarily being competitive.
  • Utilize the Forest Preserves- Walking,running, or biking on the trails is much more scenic than the streets. Your also going to get added benefit from training on unstable terrain.  Another idea is to bring your dog to go with you.
  • Driving Range/Batting Cage- After being cooped up all winter, going out to hit some golf balls or baseballs can be a fun way to stay active and relieve some stress!
  • Frisbee- Tossing a Frisbee around develops eye skills and coordination, plus is a fun activity way to get your kids involved.

Whether you try my ideas, or have some of your own, try to focus on having fun and doing something different than your normal routine. In addition to getting a family workout, you have the opportunity to spend time together, and maybe can make it a new habit.

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Listen to Your Body to Prevent Overtraining!

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

While on our quest to get into shape, sometimes we can overdo it.  Forcing yourself into the gym and “toughing it out” is not always the answer. Over time, this can lead to over training, chronic fatigue, and injuries.  That’s why it is important to work with a professional to help structure your fitness program. A well rounded program should allow for down training times, and not always lifting heavy.  Sometimes it’s good to slow it down and work on Balance and Flexibility too.  Symptoms of over training are:

  • Feeling tired all of the time- If you feel like your just going through the motions and can’t seem to get enough rest, chances are that you’re overdoing it in the gym. Try taking a week off to rest up, you should feel mentally and physically sharper, more motivated, and ready to go for your next round of workouts.
  • Chronic Injuries– like tennis elbow or tendonitis is another symptom of overtraining, regularly lifting heavy weights, or repetitive motions like tennis, golf, or running can lead to tendonitis.  Instead of taking aspirin and pushing through it (which will make it worse) listen to your body and rest.
  • Your training has hit a plateau– This happens from time to time with training, and forcing yourself to do more is not the answer. Instead, take some time off and try some cross-training exercises like swimming, yoga, or pilates for a week or two. Sometimes your body needs a change, and will recover while doing lower impact modes of exercise.

At the end of the day, you know your body better than anyone else, if you feel overly tired physically or mentally, your body is trying to tell you something. If you are constantly bothered by the same nagging injuries, or are not improving, chances are your doing something wrong.  As with anything, if you have questions, consult a professional to have an evaluation.  Our phone number is (773) 706-8705 and email is if you have further questions.