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Training to Fight Cancer!

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Research has shown time and again that good nutrition and exercise provide a long list of benefits during treatment for any type of cancer including prostate cancer, mesothelioma and even colon cancer.  The use of fitness and nutrition programs has been so successful that the leading cancer research organizations have called for universal inclusion of these complimentary therapies in recommendations to patients and treatment centers. Benefits, such as relief from symptoms of treatment, better survival rates and reduced risk of recurrence, have been determined to far outweigh the potential risks, which can be minimized with the help of a fitness expert trained in cancer care and certified nutritionist.

Paving the Way

Several well-known athletes in the 1990s are largely responsible for the current recommendations to void physical inactivity during every phase of treatment. Eric Davis, who won the Home-Run Derby in 1989 and was instrumental in the Cincinnati Reds winning the 1990 World Series Championship, was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1997. Having faced numerous physical injuries during his time on the field, Davis expressed his determination to return to the Orioles before the season’s end.

Despite undergoing intensive treatment for colon cancer, Davis continued to train, and he returned aspromised to help the Orioles win the American League Championship Series in 1997. Though he retired in 2001, Davis has maintained involvement in the sport, serving the Reds as Special Assistant to the General Manager. This cancer survival story, and many others from the decade, spurred the research that has since confirmed the central role of exercise and nutrition in the treatment of all types of cancer.

Staying Involved

Doctors long advised patients to take it easy and let treatments do their job. This has given way to active involvement of the patient in cancer treatment. Patient research of these topics can improve treatment and return good health.

Katrina Evans is a recent college graduate aspiring to write for health and wellness resources all over the web. She enjoys making a difference in people’s lives seeing how devastating cancer can be for people and their families. Katrina also really likes to run, stay fit, and listening to cool podcasts

Chicago Family Fit is Now Featured on SquareSpot!

Friday, February 10th, 2012

If you have not heard of SquareSpot yet, here is a description from their website:

SquareSpot is a new online marketplace dedicated to meeting the needs of discerning moms and families. It’s where you’ll find great deals and discounts on high quality, family-centric products and services. It’s not a clearance house for overstocked retailers, corner-cutting manufacturers or fly-by-night operators. Everything you see at SquareSpot has been tried and tested by people who believe saving money should not involve lowering standards. Everything you see at SquareSpot has been sourced and selected by people who appreciate that urban parents who want the best for their families don’t always have the time to go out and look for it.

After researching for the best family centered fitness service in the area, SquareSpot chose to endorse Chicago Family Fit because of our high standard of service and family approach to wellness.  If you would like more information visit and click on Chicago.

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