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Tips for Shoveling Snow, and Saving Your Back!

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

Now that the first real snow has finally hit the Chicagoland Area, it’s time to break out the shovels!  In addition to being fun, shoveling can also be a real opportunity to injure your back muscles.  With that said, here are a few tips to keep you injury free:

  • Do some type of warm-up and stretch before you shovel.  Shoveling is considered moderate to vigerous exercise depending on how long, and how much snow that your shoveling.  You can expect to burn 350-450 calories per hour if your shoveling at a good rate.  If you were going to do a 30-45 minute workout at the gym you would warm up, so do the same for shoveling.
  • Use good technique! Snow can be heavy so make sure that your keeping good posture.  You want to have a neutral head position, and keep your chest up and stomach muscles tight. Using your legs to lift and move snow is also helpful, don’t use your back! Not doing so can lead to pulled or strained back muscles and neckaches! This also goes for lifting/moving bags of salt or sand. The are heavy and can easily lead to injuries.
  • Stretch once you return to the house.  After working out, you should stretch, and the same goes for shoveling.  Once you peel all of the clothes off, and grab your hot chocolate or tea, take a few minutes to stretch; otherwise your muscles will be more stiff and sore for the next round of shoveling.

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Train With Friends to Add Motivation!

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Some of us really have trouble staying motivated to exercise…Whether your tired from work, kids, or stress; making a fitness date with your friends can be a great motivator.  Seeing your friends can not only motivate you to work harder, it’s a good opportunity to catch up before or after your workout since many of us don’t have much free time.

In addition to providing motivation, another reason to group up is to save some money.  Most fitness businesses will give you a price break per person if you group up 2-5 people for the hour.  This is a good option for people that are looking for more of a “bootcamp” style fitness class.

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