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Do You Wear a Weightlifting Belt in the gym?

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Many times I see people that are wearing weightlifting belts to alleviate back pain while exercising.  The belt is intended to support the lower back, and increase intra-abdominal pressure to improve rigidity of the torso.  In turn, this will help to lift more weight on squat or dead lift exercises.

 But this is where the negative impact comes; the belt is doing the same thing that your abs are supposed to be doing.  If the belt is doing the work of your “core,” are you exercising  effectively? What about if you have to lift something up outside of the gym?  Will your core muscles be strong enough to support your back? If not, then you will have a back injury, the same thing you were just trying to prevent.

Instead of spending money on a product that is actually going to be detrimental to your long-term goals, spend the money elsewhere on better footwear, or personal training to learn proper techniques for the lifts you were using the belt.  Chances are you don’t really need one.

Beware of Easter Brunch!

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Many of us out there are working hard to get our bodies looking and feeling good for summer.  Not only have we been going to the gym, but watching our diets as well.  With Easter coming up, I realize that many of you will be attending Easter Brunch with your family, or maybe going out to a restaurant.  With that said, there will be things on the menu that look and taste good, but are packed with fat, sugar, and excess calories.   A few things to avoid are:

Prime Rib– This selection of meet is very fatty.  Just think of all the hard work out have done up to this point, and will have to do in order to work it off!  Instead go for something a little more lean or avoid it all together.

Desserts– Easter is a great time to to break out the most fancy desserts, we have cheesecakes, pies, cookies, and many other things right in front of us.  The trick is to see past the taste and think of the ingredients.  For example, before you eat cheesecake, go look at the calorie content of cream cheese, sugar, ect.. It will then look much less appealing!

Candy-Anyone that has kids knows that there will be an abundance of candy left over from the Easter Egg Hunts! Avoid it, and toss it out instead of leaving it in the cabinet.  If it is there, you will eventually eat it, maybe not today, but eventually…

Your best bet is to stick with eggs, whole grain toast, oatmeal, fruit, and other healthy options.  If your going somewhere that has nothing healthy available, eat before you go in order to limit what you eat later.  Try to mentally prepare yourself for staying away from the junky foods!

One more final tip is to resist the All You Can Eat mentality.  I realize that when you go to buffet style dining, everyone wants to get their money’s worth, however this could really set your weight loss back.

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