Bob - Schaumburg, IL


I would like to share a success of my dad Bob while working with Kyle at a local retirement community. My dad has made positive strides and I would like to share his story with his others who may think the exercise isn't for them. I first approached Kyle as I pushed my dad in a wheelchair. Read More About Bob...

Brittany Ristucci - Chicago, IL


I was not the type of person that pushed limits or took chances; I was comfortable "just getting by". As my time with Kyle progressed, he inspired me to want more out of life which including getting healthy through diet and exercise. Read More From Brittany...

Frankie - Park Ridge, IL


Like most people, I struggled for the past 6 years working out with little success on obtaining my goal to slim down. I had spent several hours a week on the treadmill, watched my diet, yet was still unsatisfied with the results I was getting. Frankie's Story Continued...

Patrick - Chicago, IL


The reason I started training with Kyle at Chicago Family Fit was twofold. First, I was experiencing muscular pain in my back due to work related activities, and was prescribed to lift weights by my doctor. Secondly, I was also motivated to start training ... Keep Reading Patrick's Story

Mary Theresa Lau - Park Ridge, IL


Having had back surgery last year, as of a result of working with an incompetent trainer, I was reluctant to start training again, but knew I had to get back working out with a nationally accredited certified fitness instructor. My brother had been working with Kyle... More From Mary

Debbie - Park Ridge, IL


My story is a familiar one, I had maintained a healthy weight until my early 40's, then due to a heavy travel schedule, I started working out less and eating more. My choices and quantities of food changed as I started paying less attention to the shape I was in. Since I am tall, I rationalized that a few extra pounds was not going to hurt. At my annual physical when I was about 45, my doctor said to me, "You are going to have to stop gaining 2-3 pounds a year, it is starting to add up." Debbie's Story...

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