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Our goal at Chicago Family Fit is to get local families back in shape through fun, education, hard work, and exercise. Unlike many gimmicks promising a "quick fix" that does not work, we have a different philosophy. Our mission is to promote a well-rounded approach to healthy lifestyle modifications as a family or individually through education and innovation. This means that we will help you develop a fun, comprehensive plan that works for you.

At Chicago Family Fit, our motto is Exceptional. Personal. Training. And it's more than just a slogan. In addition to providing Exceptional.Personal.Training, we strive to uphold the standards placed upon ourselves to be exceptional in all areas of fitness including our staff, facility, atmosphere, and services that we provide. View our Success Stories

Your Success

When you start training with Chicago Family Fit, you will notice something different from the very beginning. Your trainer will work with your body, health history, diet, and previous experience to develop a strategy for success. You will train in a safe and efficient manner to reach your goals, and you won't be expected to buy expensive memberships or risk your health on unproven supplements. At Chicago Family Fit, you are working with a professional; that means we do not use profane language, we are prepared for each appointment on time, we do not take phone calls during your session, and we are dressed appropriately for each appointment.

Invest in Yourself

To see results now and well into the future--after all--that is why you want to be healthy, right? At Chicago Family Fit, this is understood from day one. Whether your goals include weight loss to look better, or because your doctor suggested it after a recent visit, we want to ensure that you are getting the most out of your sessions now and down the road. We want to be the service that helps you and keeps you going in the right direction to live an active, healthy lifestyle. Staying active is essential, whether it's to hike with your friends, play with your kids, or to continue to stay active with them for 50 years or more. We will incorporate all of the tools necessary for you to succeed!


Kyle Zelazny has a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and Nutrition from Ashland University, and is a fully insured CSCS Certified trainer. Additionally he has experience with special populations from age 7 - 98.

Rather than being concerned only with the many health-related factors and variations in our society, Kyle takes a different approach. His vision is to succeed not only by reaching out to individuals in the form of personal training, but also by helping them improve the health of others around them. See full bio.